Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Selamat Taun Baru

Ngajih ka kita bulih berkat, pengerai enggau umur panjai dalam taun baru tu.

Selamat taun baru!


  1. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Selamat Tahun Baru ngagai nuan sekeluarga, arap ke nuan bahagia selalu and bulih maioh berkat tahun baru tuk. God Bless you.

  2. I like to take this opportunity to wish you and family Selamat Taun Baru, which I didn't do on the eve of 2008, and I do so now belatedly.

    Looking at your roti canai brings me to this morning's disappointment. I went to a shop somewhere in Pending hoping to get a piece of crispy roti canai. To my disappointment although not unexpected, the stall was closed. I suspected the stall owner was still in the CNY mode. But perhaps a blessing in disguised, that disappointment caused me to land at Kaya and Toast in Tabuan Jaya where wi-fi is available. Since I have my laptop with me I take the opportunity to browse through the blogs while having a cup of black coffee and my favourite toast. Thus this posting sees the light of day after some months of hiatus.

    CNY of the Golden Rat is still very felt everywhere in Kuching. The beauty of colourful Malaysia emanating from diversity of cultures is something that is not always found every in the world. We are fortunate to have that in our beloved land that become the cornerstone of our national identity although sometimes not always welcomed by some people for reason best known to themselves.

    Puteri, I have watching both the Democrat's and Republican's campaigns for President hopeful. My knowledge and analysis of American history and politics brings me to one conclusion: The American politics and social fabric have undergone irreversible transformation--from land advocating slavery to slaves freedom as the first transformation and later from segregation by colour to social emancipation and today into full blown democracy. The dream of the late Martin Luther King Jr has become a reality where the coloured citizen of America have had their cheques of freedom are no longer dishonoured on ground of insufficient funds stored in the vault of freedom.

    Unfortunately, in our beloved land we doing the reversal. Instead of social transformation from the shackle of injustices to political and social freedom we going further into the bondage of social and political intolerance. Fundamental rights printed in our Constitution are mere mirage falling in phrases without much force. Our judiciary, some people in the legal fraternity and even common men on the street alleged that, is rotten to the root.

    Dissenting opinions are no longer treated as legitimate criticism but destructive elements aimed at destroying the government and social fabric of Malaysian society. Dissenting views at best are not required and at worst are prejudicial to the national interest and internal security of the country.

    It is not my intention to have polemic here but just for food for thought.

    Once again I am wishing you and family a Happy New Year.



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