Thursday, March 05, 2009

Let's Forgive Wilson Phua

My dear friends, and fellow Iban. Let's forgive Wilson Phua.  He has apologised and accepted my condition, and I think it is time we  accept his apology.

He is young, immature and ignorant and I believe he has seen the error of his ways.  Let us put this incident behind us, and let us stop harassing the poor guy. That means  we should leave him alone, and refrain from leaving any more nasty or abusive comments on his blog and chatbox. 

I think we have taught him a lesson, a lesson he is not likely to forget.  Let's allow Wilson Phua to carry on with his life and let's hope he learns that there are consequences to anything he does.

This is the season of Lent, a time for sober reflection, and as a Christian, I think it is only right that we forgive him as the Father has forgiven us. 

Wilson Phua, your apology is accepted and we forgive you.


  1. Aku setuju enggau jaku nuan Puteri. Ingat ke maya Lent tu, ukai semina kita nagang diri makai enggau ngirup dalam bulan ke mulia tu tang mega nagang diri ari ngaga penyalah. Serta meri ampun ngagai urang ke salah nuju kitai mega.

    To you, Wilson...

    I hope you learnt a great lesson now. It's always been said we learnt from mistakes and mistakes are not to be repeated twice ! So, I forgive you too. Do feel free to visit my blog. Maybe it might gives you more refreshing ideas for your future doings, hmmmmmm?!

  2. thanks so much, Puteri..I promise I won't do it again, I've learnt a very good lesson from all of you

  3. Anonymous12:25 PM

    f*ck i still not happy with this i jut got this news! i'm bloody fuel by this, but ur lucky this time phua! u did a right move.

    Proud Iban

  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    btw i think his apology is not enough, he has to make an effort. not just by typing his sorry on a keyboard! he should go to a long house any long house n take a picture of himself and a couple of iban fellows together shaking hands!

    that would make alot of us accept his apology

    Proud Iban

  5. Proud Iban, I think he has done his part in apologising publicly on his blog. After all his offense has to do with a blog posting he made last year but only discovered by me a few days ago.

    I'm sure Wilson has Iban classmates and friends as indicated by his contact list on Facebook. He is just a kid who did not realize his posting could have insulted the Iban .. trying to be funny, but the joke was not appreciated. In fact it backfired on him.

    I do ask, once again, that we close this chapter, and move on. Please.


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