Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wilson Phua's Public Apology

Hey, geng, Wilson Phua, that little mosquito, who insulted us Iban with his post (since removed), udah surrender. Iya udah minta ampun ari bala kitai Iban. Bah, kati ko enggau siko tu? Ampun enggau iya?

Left to me, yes, I will forgive him, on one condition . He is, after all, just a kid, immature and IGNORANT!

Wilson, my condition for accepting your apology, is for you to leave that public apology of yours at the top of your blog for ONE whole month. I want everyone who visits your blog, especially your friends to see your apology, to see your mistake, to see why you are apologizing to us, and maybe they too will learn from your mistake and refrain from ever making such stupid, bigoted, stereotyping about any particular race.

Remember, Wilson, that the internet has made the world a lot smaller. Whatever you have written on the internet, can be found by anyone. See, I am not even living in Sarawak and I found your stupid old entry on your blog! Yes, old post or not, the content is still inflammatory and can still cause a firestorm.

Accept my condition, and I will tell all my readers and friends to stop harassing you. If you accept my condition, your blog will be watched for a whole month, to ensure that you have abided by my condition. Deal?


  1. Well done, Lyana! Laun aku nerima berita tu laban kelalu busy.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Eh tersebut ka Lyana indah. Haha (baru udah ngabas blog iya aku tu :P)

    Apology, Puteri! :P

  3. Anonymous7:29 PM

    You still has a long way to go boy....
    Never insult on the IBAN because we are the pioneers of Borneo.
    We arrived here before the chinese.
    My grandma is an iban and my grandpa a chinese.
    I am proud to be a Sarawakian. There is so much culture difference and you need to respect each culture.
    You are lucky now is 21st Century. If you are still living in 20th century your head will be missing and kept in the longhouse.

  4. Nya ya bulih. Anak manuk udah minta ampun... Kati baka?? Bai betunga enggau Tuai dulu ya... udah nya baru ngeletak ukum.. Semadi kami iban tu manah endar kaban.. enti bansa bukai udah masuk TV3 nuan chak... Silap2 ulih I.S.A nuan... Nyah meh nembiak kemaya ari tu.. sesengapa aja.... Hassapaii!!

  5. okay, I accept the deal, you can check for the post everyday for one month...I promise I'll not remove it till middle of April...but please, i hope you'll ask your readers and friends to stop harassing me...I'm really sorry..


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