Friday, April 09, 2010

Me, shut up?

How condescending!

So, just because I live in the US (supposedly a Martha Steward cushy life) I am to shut up? Give me one good reason why! evil

It is because I have family in Sarawak that I cannot ignore the abuse of power, and the injustices being done to people living in the rural areas of Sarawak. You may choose to turn a blind eye but sorry, not me! I want to speak up and highlight their plight.

Like I said in my post to which you left this comment, who in government is going to side with the rural dwellers whose homes, whose ancestral lands, whose hunting grounds, whose livelihood, are being bulldozed to make way for oil palm plantations and dams? Who? Name me one!

You are either ignorant or one of those *sheeple, or worse, the offspring of the ruling elite who thinks nothing of the injustices that are being done to the land, and the homes of the people affected by the land development (more accurately, land grab!) policies of the state government. Policies that benefit and enrich a select few.

Tell me again, how does my keeping quiet, help those who still breathe in Sarawak?

And finally, what I choose to write on MY blog is my own business. Why don't you run along like a good little kid and play with your marbles or dolls, and let the adults write on whatever topic they choose to write on their very own blogs? Hmmm?

evil evil evil

Uchak ti ninggal komen tu ari Kuching, alu baru pagi tu ti ninggal komen nya. Enti iya ka diau, iya empu pasal, anang ngajar orang bukai nama ti patut tauka enda patut dikereja orang bukai.

Kategal agi bisi kaban diau ba menua Sarawak, nya kebuah aku patut enda memunyi? Runding apa nya?

Terima aja, pia, rumah panjai diruntuh? Terima aja, pia, tanah pesaka dirampas?

Peturun sapa kitai tu? Sigi beli kitai enti kitai enda ngelaban! Enti kitai enda memunyi! Enti kitai enda berani ngetan hak kitai!

* Sheeple - (sheep + people) People who cannot think for themselves, and follow blindly and never question their leaders.


  1. Continue on writing whatever you had in minds ! Busybodies are always around to distract who ever is interested! That way they make themselves the centre of attraction like a clown in the middle of a circus ring, as they got nothing else to do, to fill their day !! nahhhh !!!!

  2. Anonymous indeed. If that person is not a coward, he or she would really leave a track behind and let the world know the real identity.

    But that's just what he/she is. A coward. Just as he/she handles the troubles back home. Either keep quiet or comment annonymously. News flash! It's both.

    A very ignorant and maybe deaf person I think. These are everyday issues being debated daily, in coffeshops, meeting rooms and even blogs and facebook. Well, count him/her as blind as well.

    The fact is everyone talks about it in their own way and it's really not a secret or underground affair. That idiot thinks we still live in the nazi holocaust era where the authority gets to every family member and descendants till they find the real target.

    Well, maybe half of that is true, if you're someone as resourceful as rpk.

  3. Lyana, and gus,

    Cakap pun tak guna with people like this person. In their minds, only certain class of people can voice their opinions.

    Who cares a shit what people like this coward say? Sigi orang untak enda betul!

    I will no longer entertain this person and people like him/her.

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